Get it girrrrrrl. #ratchet #killinit #dranks #itson #livingwithmybitches #hashtaglive #lolz

Get it girrrrrrl. #ratchet #killinit #dranks #itson #livingwithmybitches #hashtaglive #lolz

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Circus Girls. The most badass girl gang there was.

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"I’m struck by moments where it seems my surroundings have been carved out into some sort of personal globule. It’s like a moment of self-awareness. I was walking away from school the other day, when no one was around; I wasn’t having a particularly good day. I could hear the click of my shoes and the wind, and feel the sunshine on my face. I was abruptly aware of the absolute solitude of existence, and yet comforted by my own company. I will never exist anywhere besides my own head; in that way I am truly, eternally alone. I kind of like that. I don’t know what to say about it other than it was a Moment, the kind I want to engrave in my memory for being equally perfect and melancholic. The kind of Moment that sparks in me the vividness of living, and lends clearance to thought."

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